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Referencing Style Guide: Education documents

Lecture Notes - Reference List

Housand, B. (2016). Game on! Integrating games and simulations in the classroom [PowerPoint slides]. SlideShare.

Surname, A. B. (year of publication) Title of notes or presentation [format]. Source. URL

Note: If the slides come from a classroom website or learning management system and your audience has access to the resource, provide the name of the site and its URL.

Education Syllabus - Reference List

NSW Education Standards Authority. (2018). Personal development, health and physical education K-10 syllabus.

Surname, A. B. or Organisation Name. (date of publication). Title of syllabus. Publisher if different from author. URL

Lecture Notes - In-Text Citation

(Housand, 2016) explores games and simulations in the classroom …

Education Syllabus - In-Text Citation

… given a stronger emphasis (NSW Education Standards Authority, 2018).