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Referencing Style Guide: Edited book

Edited - Reference List

Girginov, V. (Ed.). (2011). Sport management cultures. Routledge.

Rosner, S. R., & Shropshire, K.  L. (Eds.). (2011). The business of sports (2nd ed.).  Jones Bartlett Learning.

Surname, A. B., & Surname, C. D. (Ed. or Eds.) (year of publication) Title of book (edition if 2nd or later). Publisher.

Note:  Use (Ed.) for a single editor, (Eds.) for multiple editors.

Edited - In-Text Citation

Girginov (2011) defines sport management as ...

Sport management is defined as ... (Griginov, 2011).

According to Rosner and Shropshire (2011), revenue is influenced by the market in which a team plays ...

Revenue is influenced by the market in which a team plays (Rosner & Shropshire, 2011).



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