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Referencing Style Guide: Article in a print journal

Article in a Journal - Reference List

Lyons, Z., & Janca, A. (2012). Indigenous children in Australia: Health, education and optimism for the future. Australian Journal of Education (ACER Press), 56(1), 5-21.

Surname, A. B., & Surname, A.B. (year). Article title in plain text: Only the first word of the title and subtitle (if any) are capitalisedJournal Title in Italics with All Main Words Capitalised, volume number in italics. Note that the issue number is not in italics and is placed in parenthesis (brackets) directly following the volume number. The page numbers are not preceded by pp.

Note: Where the article is from a supplement give the supplement detail in parenthesis immediately after the volume number:
Australian Journal of Education (ACER Press), 56(Supp. 2), 5-21.

If the article is dated with the month or season in place of volume/issue place the month/season with the year in parenthesis:
Rolfe, D. (2013, July). Game changer. The (Sydney) Magazine, 18-23.

Article in a Journal - In-Text Citation

The Australian Government has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at addressing the health needs of Indigenous Australians (Lyons & Janca, 2012).

Direct quote
According to Lyons and Janca (2012), “Indigenous children have poorer outcomes on a number of health and educational variables than non-Indigenous children” (p. 16) which ...



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