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Referencing Style Guide: Podcast/Vodcast

Podcast (Audio or video) - Reference List

Fidler, R. (Host). (2013, February 22). Greg de Moore on the life of AFL creator Tom Wills [Audio podcast]. In Conversations with Richard Fidler. ABC.

Surname, A. B. (Host or Producer). (Year, month and day of release). Title of episode in plain text [Audio podcast or Video podcast]. In Title of podcast series in italics. Publisher. URL

Note: Cite podcast host or producer in author position and specific the type of podcast (audio or video) in square brackets. 
Where the podcast is part of a series, podcast title is in plain text and series title is in italics.

Podcast/Vodcast - In-Text Citation

Greg de Moore describes the life and death of Tom Wills, creator of AFL as extraordinary (Fidler, 2013).

It mentioned Tom wills was our first great cricketer, the man who created Aussie Rules, but who tragically at the age of 44, back in the year 1880, took his own life and I remember thinking how extraordinary is that." (5.54)

Note: For direct quotes include the timestamp where the quote starts.



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