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Referencing Style Guide: Document from a website

Document from a Website - Reference List

Wilkinson, R., & Marmot, M. (Eds.). (2003). The solid facts: Social determinants of health (2nd ed.). World Health Organisation.

Surname, A. B., & Surname, C. D. (Ed./Eds.). (year of publication). Title of document [format if not PDF or Word] (edition if 2nd or later). Publisher. URL

Note: If the document is in a format other than PDF or Word (DOC or DOCX), include the format in square brackets after the title e.g. [PowerPoint slides]

Document from a Website - In-Text Citation

… impact of mediocre diet on health (Wilkinson & Marmot, 2003).

Wilkinson and Marmot explore the impact of mediocre diet on health, explaining ... (2003).



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