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Referencing Style Guide: YouTube video

YouTube Video- Reference LIst

4PromoteChannel. (2013, July 24). Coca-Cola’s new health advertising campaign [Video File]. Youtube.

Name of channel. (Year, month and day of release). Title in italics [Media type]. Name of streaming site. URL

Note: Where the screen name and real name of an individual are known, include both. Real name in author position followed by screen name in square brackets. Where only screen name is known, capitalization is same as it appears online.

YouTube Video - In-Text Citation

Coca-Cola has produced an anti-obesity advertising campaign (4PromoteChannel, 2013) which ...

If directly quoting the source, the timestamp in the video clip may be used in the same way as a page number.

4PromoteChannel (2013, 02:40) states that " to decrease sugar intake, read the labels".



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