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Referencing Style Guide: Chapter in a book

Chapter in an Edited Book - Reference List

Lowe, I. (2011). Environment, sustainability and health. In H. Keleher & C. MacDougall (Eds.), Understanding health (3rd ed., pp. 171-181). Oxford University Press.

Surname, A. B. (year of publication). Chapter title. In Book Editor First Initial. Surname (Ed./Eds.), Book title (edition if second or later., p. for single page or pp. for multiple pages). Publisher.

Chapter in a Non-Edited Book - Reference list

Berk, L. E. (2013). Child development (9th ed.). Pearson.

Note: if a book is not edited (the entire work is credited to one or more authors rather than by chapter), cite the whole book.

Chapter in an Edited Book - same editor - Reference List

Malnig, J. (2009). Introduction. In  J.Maling (Ed.), Ballroom, boogie, shimmy sham, shake. (pp. 1-15). Routledge.   

Chapter in an Edited Book - In-Text Citation

Inequality within communities has a detrimental effect on the health of their people (Lowe, 2011).

Lowe (2011) describes the effect of inequality within communities as ...

Note: Only list chapter authors in in-text references, not the editor/s of the whole work.


Chapter in a Non-Edited Book - In-Text Citation

According to Berk (2013), children undergo several …

... as they undergo several stages of motor skill development (Berk, 2013).


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