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Referencing Style Guide: Table

Table - Reference List

From “Comparison of sprint reaction and visual reaction times of athletes in different branches”, by M. Akyüz, B. B. Uzaldi, O. Akyüz and Y. Do─čru, 2017, Journal of Education and Training Studies, 5(1), p. 96 ( Copyright 2017 by Redfame Publishing.

Note: Only the article, book or website in which the table appears is included in the reference list in the required reference format for that source.

Table - In-Text Citation

For both figures and tables, the label and title appear above the figure and table. The label is in bold and the title is in italics.

When referencing a figure that is not your own, provide a new caption labelled Note. below the table in smaller font (size 10) and include the following information: title of source, author(s), year, title of work, page number(s), DOI, copyright year by copyright author. 

Table 1.

Dog intelligence

Note. ...

Table retrieved from a journal article

Note. From "Title of source inside quotation marks", by A. B. Surname, A. B. Surname, & A. B. Surname, year of publication, Title of work in italicsvolume number(issue number),  page number(s) (URL in brackets). Copyright information.

Table retrieved from a book

Note. From Title of book: Subtitle (page number(s)), by A. B. Surname, year of publication. Publisher. Copyright information.    

Table retrieved from a website

Note. From "Title of source inside quotation marks", by A. B. Surname OR corporate body, year of publication, (URL in brackets). Copyright information. 

As shown in Table 1, the data indicates...

... the data (see Table 1) indicates that...


All tables should be numbered consecutively with numerals in the order they are mentioned in the text. i.e. Table 1, Table 2 …