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Referencing Style Guide: eBook from web

eBook from Web - Reference List

Belsky, G., & Fine, N. (2016). On the origins of sports: The early history and original rules of everybody’s favorite games. Artisan.

Surname, A. B. & Surname, C. D.(year of publication) Title of work. Publusher. URL

Note on URLs: For eBooks accessed via Google Books, use the URL from the ‘About this book’ link, which is significantly shorter than the preview link.

eBook with DOI - Reference List

Sivasubramaniam, M., & Hayhoe, R. (Eds.). (2018). Religion and education: Comparative and educational perspectives. Symposium Books.

Surname, A. B. & Surname, C. D. (Ed./Eds.). (year of publication). Title of work‚Äč. Publisher. DOI link

eBook via Web - In-Text Citation

Field hockey migrated from England to America in the mid-1800s (Belsky & Fine, 2016).

According to Belsky and Fine (2016) field hockey migrated ...


eBook with DOI - In-Text Citation

… among issues raised in the classroom environment (Sivasubramaniam & Hayhoe, 2018).