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Referencing Style Guide: Web page

This guide explains how to reference according to the APA 6th Edition.

Web Page - Reference List

Cooper, H. L. (2010). A brief history of tactile writing systems for readers with blindness and visual impairments. Retrieved from

Year refers to the date information on the page was added or updated. Web page title is not in italics.

Note: The retrieval date is only included if the information is likely to change over time.

ABC Health and Wellbeing. (2014). Allergies . Retrieved December 6, 2016, from 544.htm

Web Page - In-Text Citation

ABC Health and Wellbeing (2014) explain that the immune system no longer has an allergic reaction once the allergen becomes well-known.

Direct quote
“The idea is the immune system becomes used to the allergen and no longer provokes an allergic response ” (ABC Health and Wellbeing, 2014).