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Referencing Style Guide: Article from a database or web

This guide explains how to reference according to the APA 6th Edition.

Article from a database or web (no DOI) - Reference List

Wong, E., Sung, R. Y. T., Leung, T. F., Wong, Y. O., Li, A. M. C., Cheung, K. L., ... Leung, P. C. (2009). Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of herbal therapy for children with asthma. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 15(10), 1091-1097. Retrieved from

If the journal article is retrieved from a subscribed database, provide the database provider’s home page. If it is retrieved freely online, include the URL that takes you to the full text.

Article from a database or web (no DOI) - In-Text Citation

A study by Wong et al. (2009, p. 6) did not find the intended result from the treatment of asthmatic children with CUF2 as an adjuvant therapy. 

Direct quote
Wong et al. (2009) state “our study was unable to support the efficacy of adjuvant therapy of CUF2 in children with asthma” (p. 6)