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Guide to Finding Resources: Library Basics


Library search has 3 options to find items.


Library Catalogue 





Academics and other experts in a field of knowledge publish their research results in scholarly journals. You can search for individual articles from journals in the databases, or you can browse the journals online using Publications Finder. Search for individual journal titles using the name of the journal or browse by topic.

Subject searching

A subject term is given to each item in the library so that all resources on the same subject can be found together. Searching using subjects is a very effective way of finding items for your assignments. To do a subject search, simply type the subject word into the library tab on the library home page.

Once you have run your search, use the Subject limiter on the left hand menu to narrow your search to only items covering that subject. Here is an example Subject search for "motor learning".

Clicking on the title of an item and scrolling down to Subject term will allow you to see other subject terms that may also be searched. Click on any subject term to go to all items in the library with that subject.

My Library Account

Avoid library fines by logging in to My Account to renew your loan. There is a link on the library home page in the Quick Links box.

 Students - login with your student BARCODE  and date of birth.

  1. Staff - login with the initial of your first name and then surname (eg For John Smith  enter JSMITH) and your password. If you do not know or have forgotten your password contact the library.
  2. Go to Checkouts and select the items to be renewed.
  3. Once you hit the renew button, your will see the date due has updated.


Call Number

Each item in the library has a call number. This number allows you to find the item on the shelf.




  796.069 DES
  796.077 MAR

The number refers to the subject of the resource and its place on the shelf. The letters are the first three letters of the author or book title. Books with the same call number will be on the same subject. Please see library staff if you need assistance finding items on the library shelves.  

Basic search using a citation

The titles on your reading list are in alphabetical order and are listed according to the APA Style Guide. The entries are called citations.

A citation is made up of four basic elements. The Author (or editor), date, title and publishing details.

Take a look at the citation below. This information will help you to locate items in the library. 

To locate this item, enter the name of one of the editors and title into the Search box as shown below.

Once you run the search, you will see a list of results showing you the call number of the items. You can then check you have the correct book by matching the other details of the citation such as date and publisher to the one you find on the shelf using the call number.

Reading a search results screen

When searching for an item your results will look like this.

search results

Check the full citation details to make sure you have the correct item. The call no. gives the location of the item on the shelf. This is written as a three digit number followed by a decimal point and further numbers. It then has three letters.

If you need help locating or understanding these numbers please ask one of the library staff to help you.