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Health Promotion: GHS2301 - Professional Integrity

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Research Tutorial

Ethics Matters: Our Society - ABC ME September 14 2017, 11:47am


"PHILOSOPHY !?........... ( ? ) + ( * ) = ( ! )" by suRANTo dwi saputra is licenced under CC0 1.0

Interviewees Liz Anderson and John Thrasher examine how society should be organised and wrestle with conflicting libertarian and egalitarian points of view.

Assessment Task 1: Professional values and code of ethics

To find journal articles about your chosen profession, select databases and subject terms and enter  your industry profession (eg fitness)  and ethics 

and limit by full text and subject ethics

Assessment Task 2: Moral Reasoning

Enter ethics and search by subject in the library catalogue 


Assessment Task 3: Applied Ethics: Debating an ethical issue

Enter Issues in society and search by all fields in the library catalogue to retrieve a range of print and eBooks that may be of use for your chosen ethical issue. Spinney Press topics comprises thoroughly researched compilations of the latest news, facts, statistics and commentary from trusted sources and a great place to start for some background research.

Library Guide Feedback

Primary sources

Primary sources provide a first-hand account of a topic, from people who had a direct connection with it. Examples include:

  • Official websites and organisational reports of professional associations

  • Case law, legislation, regulations, constitutions

  • Interviews, speeches, diaries, letters, autobiographies, oral histories

  • Newspaper reports, by reporters who witnessed an event or who quote people who did

  • Government documents, statistical data, research reports

  • Photographs, video, or audio that captured an event.

  • A journal article reporting new research or findings


 A scholarly article is reviewed by the author's peers  before the article is published. Click here for more information

Peer reviewed and scholarly sources

 A scholarly article is reviewed by the author's peers  before the article is published. Click here for more information

Prescribed texts

Books & eBooks

More readings for