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Referencing Style Guide: Copyright



Copyright - Statutory Education licence

"The Statutory Educational Licence YouTube Clip" is used by permission of Copyright Agency

The Australian Government has appointed the Copyright Agency to manage the education copying scheme (Statutory Education Licence). The licence, set out in the Copyright Act 1968, allows educators to copy and share text and images in ways that usually require permission provided that fair compensation is made to the creators of the content.



Linking is best practice

  • Library website  - use permalinks and links from subscribed databases.  For streamed media use link or embed code. 
  • Open access - use digital object identifier (DOI)

Find an answer from the Australian Copyright Council. Browse by A - Z.

  • Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects the original expression of ideas. It enables creators to manage how their content is used. Copyright Agency. Copyright owners have a number of exclusive economic rights (ie copyrights) in relation to how their copyright material is used.Under s113P of the Copyright Act 1968, the educational licence allows all educational institutions in Australia to copy and share third party copyright text, images and print music provided that they agree to pay a fee for that use; and it is for the educational purposes of the organisation.  You are allowed to copy:
  • Up to 10% or one chapter (whichever greater) from a print or electronic work  
  • Images in their entirety (images from physical sources must usually be surrounded by text)
  • An entire text work if it is part of an anthology and provided it is no longer than 15 pages long
  • One whole article from any newspaper, journal or periodical. More than one article may be copied if on the same subject
  • Entire work, if not available for purchase (i.e. out of print)
  • This does not cover  films, TV, radio or YouTube. ACPE's  Screenrights licence covers this. You may embed, clip, download and edit any streamed videos retrieved from ACPE's subscribed databases. EduTv and Dance in Video are especially useful for this. However for videos from other sources please check the licence before you use the resource. Netflix,  commercial and borrowed DVDs are not covered by the Screenrights licence. Section 28 of the Copyright Act covers DVD and films in lectures. 

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