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Referencing Style Guide: Printed Report

This guide explains how to reference according to the APA 6th Edition.

Printed Report - Reference List

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2011). Substance use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people [cat. No. IHW 40]. Canberra, ACT: Author

Note: The name of the organisation is listed at author. The word ‘Author’ is given for the publisher and not the full name of the organisation.

Where a report has a document number include in square brackets after title eg. [doc number 12345].

Printed Report - In-Text citation

Direct quote first citation
“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people used mainstream drug and alcohol treatment services at a higher rate than non-Indigenous people” (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2011, p. 50) resulting in ... 

Direct quote subsequent citations
“The most common substances for which assistance was provided were alcohol (93% of services), tobacco and nicotine (89%) and marijuana (84%)” (AIHW, 2011, p. 50) which indicates ...

Note: Use full name for first citation, acronym for subsequent citations.